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Why Weight Loss Solves Nothing

“I’m thin, but I’m not happy,” said a client to me. Despite the promise of thin = happy in our culture, so many women find this isn’t necessarily the case. Of course, I’ve also heard from clients about how happy they were “that time I did lose weight.” However, doesn’t this situation lead a person […]

Food is Not the Enemy, Shame is

Shame. Likely the emotion you hate to feel the most. It gets pushed down and is often felt at the core of your struggles. Shame about food. Shame about your body. Shame about who you are. It’s painful. No doubt about it. And it’s also okay to feel shame. There are two types of shame. […]

If You’re going to Eat it, You may as well Taste it

Mmmm, pizza! You love pizza and you really want some. “NO! You can’t have pizza,” you angrily tell yourself. “Pizza is BAD for me!” So you go to the fridge and find a bag of carrots. Sitting in front of the TV, you eat your carrots. They aren’t great, but they are “good for me” […]

Put Your Hunger on the Scale

Take a moment to contemplate the follow: Do you eat before you get hungry? Do you eat way after you’re past being too hungry? Both are about emotional eating. Any time you eat other than for hunger and eat beyond fullness, you are eating for emotional reasons. If you don’t allow yourself to be hungry […]

Are you lacking in love?

Are you lacking in love? Love from others. Love for yourself. Love for your body. These are often the items that my clients feel are lacking in their life. And I know just what that’s like too. I used to idolize my mother. I thought she was the best! So my lack of feeling loved […]

Diets Don’t Work and Never Will

Ever wonder why you binge? Maybe you just think it’s because you can’t control yourself. You probably think you’re a bad person because you overate, yet again. But it’s not your fault! It never was. It never will be. You binge because you diet! You don’t trust yourself because you diet! When you diet, you […]

More love in 2014

Last week I sent you an article talking about the lack of love in my life and how I needed to find it for myself. I talked about how this was key to loving my body and letting go of obsessing about food. If you didn’t get a chance to read it and want to, […]

Giving Up Dieting is Not Giving Up

Happy New Year! 2014 Here We Come! I find the beginning of the New Year to be an exciting time (once I get over the fact that another year has passed). I love the idea of intentions and yearly themes. Certainly not as a way to promise something and then feel like a failure in […]

The Culture of Thin is In

Ever notice how many television ads you see tell you 1) how to lose weight and be happy on this diet or that diet 2) why you should eat this food because it is healthy and will help you lose weight or lower your cholesterol 3) that “bad” foods seductively portrayed as delicious, smooth, velvety, […]

Understand Your Family, Understand Yourself

Family. There’s nothing quite like them. They can be great. They can be fun. They can understand you more than anyone. They can also drive you crazy! They know your buttons and they can push them faster and better than anyone. After all, that’s what family is for, right? Your relationship with your family dictates […]

A Free Body Image Workshop

Discover how to find joy and acceptance in your body You find yourself looking in the mirror, picking apart each section of the body that you wish were different: smaller, less bumpy, thinner, less flabby. You rarely see what you like; only attack what you don’t. You’re tired of this routine. You wish you could […]

What You an Mike Jeffries, CEO of A&F, Have in Common

By now you may have heard about the insulting words said by CEO, Mike Jeffries of Abercrombie and Fitch. If not, you’ll find the story here. Or, if you prefer not to subject yourself to the whole story, I’ll provide you with a quote to give you a taste of what you’re missing (not much, […]

More of Me to Love on the Inside

I used to be a lone business owner. For years, I worked on my business all by myself. This is what I was taught after all. I was the only one I could count on; I had to do it alone. Finally, one day I realized that I didn’t want to be alone in it […]

“Can’t I eat cake instead…?”

While in supervision with a supervisee who is working toward licensure, I was giving him feedback on his therapy interventions. It was a session in which he received a lot of direct feedback from me. He always approaches his work and our sessions with openness and an eagerness to learn but that doesn’t mean it’s […]

Look fantastic on the outside, feel beautiful on the inside; no weight loss required

Pants, dresses, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, blouses, bras, lingerie, socks, tights, leggings… oh my! Silk, linen, wool, cashmere, cotton, denim, leather… exquisite! Patterns, prints, flowers, solids, sunny colors, warm colors, dark colors, all the colors of the rainbow and more…fun! Unlike women a hundred years ago, we have tons of garment options in loads of combinations! […]

Do You Just Want to Be Happy?

“I just want to be happy!” Does this sound familiar? I hear these words all the time from my clients and from, well, everyone. You just want to be happy. Right? I do too. Even Thomas Jefferson and the other writers of the Declaration of Independence recognized the importance of the pursuit of happiness. So […]

The Diet Cycle (Binge/Purge Cycle)

The Dieting Cycle (Binge/Purge Cycle) When you are in the dieting cycle, you begin by restricting in a variety of ways: the diet starts, you don’t eat what you really want, you eat less than you want or need, you feel bad about what you eat, and/or you starve yourself. Perhaps you eventually eat the […]

The Holidays from your Inner Child’s Perspective

Do you ever feel like a child? Do you ever want to just throw yourself on the floor and kick and scream? Do you ever want to start bawling when someone hurts you? Do you ever want to yell “go away!” in your most child like voice? If you answered yes to any of these […]

Eat What You Want Without Guilt!

It’s Possible and It Works A few weeks ago, I hosted a free teleseminar about the most important step to changing your relationship with food. If you haven’t already, listen to the teleseminar recording by clicking here. This teleseminar addressed the step of eating whatever you want and letting go of the concept that food […]

Self Criticism: The Very Loud Killer of Souls, Part 2

Self Criticism: The Very Loud Killer of Souls, Part 2 A few weeks ago I wrote about your critical voice. I talked about how it is probably the most harmful little voice you have in your head. Yup, it’s true. Despite what you have been told, being critical and hard on yourself does not motivate […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy Isn’t So Simple

  In 1988 Bobby McFerrin released a song called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Even now as I recall that song for this article, I have the desire to reach as fast as possible to change the radio station in my head! I hated that song! Not only did I think it was super boring but […]

The #1 Secret to Ending Eating Disorder Behaviors

Being caught in this binge purge cycle to any degree will not help you have a good relationship with food. When you purge, the binge will always return. When you binge, the purge will always return. You can’t have one without the other. What they lead to and remind you of is how much you […]

Find a Community of Support

We all want to fit in. It is natural and normal. It is human. We need each other because we are social beings. Even if you are shy or have social anxiety, you need a tribe of people – a place you fit in. In a society where thin is in and any other body […]

Mind versus Body

Healing from a disordered relationship with food comes in two parts, the behavioral and the emotional. Working on your behaviors around food is important for learning to have a healthy relationship with food. Your behaviors are also the way your emotions manifest themselves. In other words, you are obsessing about food and your to avoid […]