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Are you using food as a way to fulfill your emotional needs?

  • Do you constantly think about food?

  • Do you hate the way you look?

  • Do you use food to take care of yourself or to punish yourself?

  • Are you tired of dieting and don’t know what else to do?

  • Body Image Issues?

  • Body Shame due to Body Image?

  • Do you Feel Guilty Every Time you Eat?

Always thinking about what you should eat and how you should look is no way to live your life. That’s why I’m glad you’re here!
Taking the first step towards getting help is often the most difficult yet the best thing you can do for yourself.

Anne Cuthbert, MA, LPC, LMHC
All Shapes, Sizes & Bodies Welcome!

Why Dieting & Restricting Does Not Work!

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Food Is Not The Enemy Mission is to help you get the support you need to recovery from Disordered Eating, Exercising, and/or Disordered Body Image. In the Portland, Oregon area, we strive to list specialists that understanding your particular struggle and provide you the support services you need. No matter what type of Eating Disorders / Body Image challenges you have, help is available and it’s right in your backyard. It is possible to recover and Eating Disorders Directory is here to help you get started on your recovery journey today!

Thinking you have an Eating Disorder can bring about feelings of fear and shame. You may feel alone and that no one understands. You may be afraid and ashamed to ask for help. These and any feelings you have are normal! Yet staying alone in your struggle with food and body image is lonely and likely won’t lead to recovery. Instead, get the help and support you need from people who understand!

Perhaps you’re terrified of gaining weight so you significantly restrict calories, even knowing you aren’t taking good care of your body. This might be a sign you have Anorexia Nervosa. Your fear of weight gain drives you to starve your body, to obsess about food and to fear eating most foods. You likely have a body weight below what is healthy and may also be malnourished.

Paired with Anorexia Nervosa, symptoms derived from Body Dysmorphia, Orthorexia, and/or Excessive Exercise are common.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is the desire to constantly hide or change your physique because it does not fit internal or external standards. This leads to shame about your body and drives you toward excessive dieting patterns and eventually Eating Disorders like Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa.

When following an eating lifestyle that thrives off keeping track of ingredients and isolating yourself to only consuming healthy/clean foods, Orthorexia can be an easy disorder to adapt. Orthorexia is about controlling your weight and health and can become increasingly obsessive. Although not an official psychological disorder, insisting on these eating patterns can lead to the same obsessions about food and weight, and shame when you are unable to maintain your restrictive eating.

Perhaps you use Over-Exercising to purge “bad” eating or to control Binge Eating. As well, setting unrealistic goals that exceed healthy exercise can lead to obsessive Over-Exercising. Because coping in this way cuts you off from being able to listen to your body, injury and increased obsession will often result.

When addressing treatment for Anorexia Nervosa (or any Eating Disorder) you will likely grow even more fearful of weight gain, and claiming treatment is not necessary because Anorexia Nervosa is simply a lifestyle, not an illness. You may be ultimately attempting to prevent the effects of body shame that can mentally prolong even after physical recovery and likely began before anorexic behaviors took place.

If you struggle with Bulimia Nervosa, you are likely vomiting or exercising to “get rid of” any amount of food that you feel uncomfortable eating. It may follow a feeling of being too full or it may be that you are afraid of digesting what you did eat. Binge Eating is common for someone with Bulimia Nervosa. Sometimes the binge is eating hundreds or thousands of calories all at once but it doesn’t have to be. Bulimia Nervosa is indicated by the way you get rid of the food, often with vomiting / purging. Those with Bulimia Nervosa come in all shapes and sizes and, like other Eating Disorders, you fear weight gain.

Although a newly diagnosable Eating Disorder, Binge Eating has been around a long time. Most of those with an Eating Disorder struggle with Binge Eating; it’s the most common. Those who binge eat find food soothing and will often turn to food to manage anxiety, depression, loneliness and other emotions. You may or may not exercise to manage the Binge Eating consequences but you likely feel ashamed of eating and try to diet to get back on track.

If you believe you have a Food Addiction, you may have first attempted to get help by avoiding sugar, flour, or other foods you think are driving your addiction. Unlike avoiding alcohol, which is not needed for survival, this tactic will not work with food. In fact, avoiding foods may lead you straight into an Eating Disorder, if you aren’t already struggling. However, your emotions may be the reason you think you’re addicted to food. Using food and hating your body to help you avoid what you’re really feeling is very common.

Each of these patterns of disordered eating lead to feelings of shame about your Body Image. As well, shame about your Body Image can lead you into Disordered Eating. The two go hand-in-hand. Body shame, or not looking the way society or even your parents told you was good enough, is so common in our culture that it may be difficult to spot until your obsession and negative feelings about yourself and your body interfere with your pursuit of happiness and joy.

Recovery from Eating Disorders and poor Body Image are about the practice of viewing food as a vital energy source, and less of a reward or sinful aspect of life and a way to avoid the difficulties of life.

If you think you may have one of the above Eating Disorders, is it possible to get better? Absolutely! We are committed to helping you find the help you need to get out of your Eating Disorder and back into your physically and emotionally healthy life! We have listings for treatment centers, therapists, and nutritionists that can help you because they understand and know the way out.

If you aren’t sure what type of help you need, read more of our articles, call or email a couple of people listed in your area or give us a ring. You don’t have to figure it out on your own! Let us and the people in your area help you. All it takes is a phone call or email to get your started.


Are You Always thinking about what you should eat?

About how you should look is no way to live your life? 

Taking the first step towards getting help is often the most difficult yet the best thing you can do for yourself.

Start now by contacting a counselor who understands and can help you find freedom from food obsession and fear of weight gain. Call us at 360-726-4141 or send me an email on our secure contact page We have offices in inner SE Portland and Vancouver.

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Anne Cuthbert MA, LPC, LMHC