More love in 2014

Last week I sent you an article talking about the lack of love in my life and how I needed to find it for myself. I talked about how this was key to loving my body and letting go of obsessing about food. If you didn’t get a chance to read it and want to, click here.

Today I want to tell you about my year of really letting that love in from others.

Sure, I had learned to let some love in over the years. I did lots of healing around not feeling loved from my mother. I let go of needing that from her. I found love from others in my life and learned to love myself.

Yet I still wasn’t completely letting it all in. When I hugged someone, I never fully relaxed into the hug. I always thought I had to give something to receive something. I feared asking for help, believing no one really wanted to help me. I thought I was a burden and sometimes too much for people to handle.

Well, last year, 2013, was my year of LOVE! I didn’t set out to have that happen, it just did. As I see it, I had done a lot of work on myself and this helped me be ready for what happened…

2013 was a difficult year financially. My business had been booming the year before. Then, suddenly and inexplicably, it slid downhill. I didn’t know why. I couldn’t fix it. I felt scared and out of control. And, I felt completely alone.

I had no partner to help. I had no family to help. I had no friends to help. I was on my own and terrified I wouldn’t make it!

I had no choice. Something had to change. And that something was ME!

I realized I had isolated myself. I thought I was alone because that’s what I had thought for so long that it just seemed true. I had felt alone since I was a kid… thinking no one was there for me. But I knew I had healed that and was now surrounded by friends who love me.

So I started to ask for help! I called my friend. I talked to my business coach. I shared with family members that I trusted.

And guess what? People where there for me! My friend lent me money, without hesitation and with complete love. My business coach stepped in big time. Colleagues offered help, guidance, suggestions, a listening ear. I wasn’t alone. I had support, caring, help and… love!

I began to look at my life more closely. I had love everywhere! Friends, family, colleagues. They all cared about me and loved me. They wanted to help. They didn’t want anything in return. They didn’t think I was too needy. They stepped in without hesitation and did what they could to help.

As I began to let this love in, I began to see more of it and even to attract more of it.

So as I look back on my year in 2013, I realize my “theme” for the year was LOVE. A word that used to have little meaning to me before suddenly was my lifeline.

So I’ve decided that my theme for 2014 is “MORE LOVE!”

More love because I realize that as I let love in, I have a lot more love to give! And I realize that my work with you is completely based in love! It’s from my love that I let you know that you are beautiful and lovable and I can help you see that too.

So that’s what I intend to do in 2014 and beyond!

If you can relate to my story, click here to sign up for a free Food Freedom consultation and let’s find out how you can get the love you need and want. Let’s talk about how you can do that through fixing your relationship with food and your body image. Because dieting and trying to be thin is just a cry for love. Let’s work together to help you make the changes you want to make!


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