What is Excessive Exercise

    • Would you say that exercise is the most important aspect of your day?
    • Do you use exercise to control your body shape and or weight?
    • Do you workout even when you are stressed, ill or in poor weather conditions?
    • Have you ever missed any school, work or social obligation times for exercise?

If you find yourself saying “yes” to any of these questions, you may be engaged in Excessive Exercise, a disorder that can become addictive. Excessive or Over-Exercising is characterized when the exerciser abuses the frequency, intensity of exercise and makes it his/her top priority. This behavior can fall under many classifications such as:

    • Exercise Addiction
    • Obligatory Exercise
    • Compulsive Athleticism
    • Compulsive Exercising
    • Exercise Abuse

Other Symptoms/Behaviors

    • Get extremely depressed or frustrated when exercise is not achieved, or exercise does not receive that excrete “high”
    • Exercise alone to avoid attention from others such as trainers, other people at the gym, etc.
    • Always following the same strict exercise schedule
    • Exercising for 2+ hours daily, repetitively
    • Obsession with weight loss/calories expended
    • Exercising past the point of discomfort or pain

In addition, this disorder can be a product of Anorexia Nervosa when used in conjunction with striving for thinness by starvation or with Bulimia Nervosa when it is used to purge calories consumed.

Even if you have a semi positive body image, there is still the possibility of experiencing Excessive Exercise Disorder or behaviors where exercising becomes an obsessive task for the sake of exercising.

You are not alone in this! Through our directory of professional providers, you can help realize the psychological torment and damage of overall wellbeing that comes with the disorder. You can learn other, more effective ways to relieve overwhelming emotions of anxiety that go beyond working out.

Get help from professionals experienced in Excessive Exercise who can help you identify aspects of your life that trigger your need to burn calories and the shame you feel if you cannot or do not choose to that day. Reach out to us by phone or email (whichever you are most comfortable with) and we can help you get the help you need.

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