Are you lacking in love?

Are you lacking in love?

Love from others. Love for yourself. Love for your body.

These are often the items that my clients feel are lacking in their life. And I know just what that’s like too.

I used to idolize my mother. I thought she was the best! So my lack of feeling loved in my life seemed to just be my fault. I thought if I lost weight and was thin, I would feel loved, by her, my father, my brother, and, eventually, by my boyfriends.

I was dead wrong!

Of course, at the time, I had no idea my food and body image issues had to do with love.

My disordered eating and body image trailed back to not feeling loved by my mother. She was distant emotionally. She never took an interest in me… my grades, my life, how I felt. I couldn’t talk to her about anything I thought or felt. She often went out with friends and left my brother to baby-sit his 3 siblings. She just wasn’t around and when she was, she didn’t have much attention on me or my brothers and sister.

As any kid would, I decided it must be me that needed to change. It must be me that wasn’t good enough for her.

No matter what I did to try to feel loved through focusing on changing my body, nothing worked. Dieting only sent me straight back to food. I remember feeling so guilty about having a candy bar… just one little Snickers sent me over the edge straight into self-criticism. No amount of weight loss or finally sticking with exercise helped me feel better. Sometimes temporarily but I just ended up right back to eating too much of what I wasn’t “supposed” to eat and feeling bad again.

That’s what dieting did! It helped me feel some sense of control over not getting the love I needed. If it was my weight that was the problem (and I had reason to believe it was) then that’s something I can control and change and therefore get the love I needed.

But it never worked and it never will! Dieting only left me thinking about food, feeling guilty about what I ate, and overall feeling less capable of being loved.

Chances are that if you’re struggling with food and body image issues, like I was, you also feel unloved inside.

This is hard for many of my clients to believe. At first. Yet when we dig deeper into their relationship with food, they start to see the connection.

Of course, this never means that my mother, or your mother (or father) intended to hurt me/you. It isn’t about that. It’s about you and about learning to love yourself! When you love yourself, you will attract all the love you need from others.

I can help you find that love for yourself! We can accomplish this by using your relationship with food and your body. It’s a way to take care of both at the same time. Feel better in your body, let go of guilt around eating and start to love yourself!!!

If you would like to find love for yourself and feel Food Freedom in 2014, then click here to sign up for a free Food Freedom! Consultation with me. We’ll find the program that will help you do just that!


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