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Men and Eating Disorders: A Widely Ignored Subject

This is a Guest Blog written by Michelle Peterson of RecoveryPride.org The vast majority of education about eating disorders is focused on women. Admittedly, women are twice as likely to develop an eating disorder due to oppressive societal standards. However, male eating disorders are just as dangerous and far less discussed. Though men are less likely […]

Anne’s Booth: The Counselor is In

Sign up for Anne’s Booth! Because the Counselor is IN! We all need help sometimes! If you need some help, that’s okay! I’m happy to help you and others during these no-cost session of Anne’s Booth. Join me and others who are ready to ask for the help they need. Below are the details on how […]

A Free Body Image Workshop

Discover how to find joy and acceptance in your body You find yourself looking in the mirror, picking apart each section of the body that you wish were different: smaller, less bumpy, thinner, less flabby. You rarely see what you like; only attack what you don’t. You’re tired of this routine. You wish you could […]

Choose Another Measure of Success

One of my clients is struggling at the gym. She isn’t struggling to go to the gym. She isn’t struggling to complete her workouts. What she is struggling with are the trainers at the gym. They are insisting that she be weighed and measured, despite her protests! She doesn’t want to be measured and weighed. […]

Critically Think Your Way to Feeling Good about Yourself

An acquaintance of mine, who knows what I do for a living and partially understands it, likes to tell me what he knows about the study of weight, food, etc. It is his way of bonding with me and supporting me. I appreciate it. Yet because he only partially understands, I often tense a little […]

Death and Taxes and Eating Disorders

What do these have to do with eating disorders? “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” -Benjamin Franklin I believe in living a healthy life. I believe in eating healthy and exercising for health. I also believe in emotional health and I believe emotional health is as important (if not more so) […]

Are You a Control Freak

Many people who suffer with disordered eating also suffer with a fear of being out of control. The two go hand in hand. Dieting and attempting to control your body’s size and shape are all ways to pretend to be in control of something. However, what is so often forgotten is that these attempts are […]

Body Image and Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Where do you focus your attention? If you are like most people who feel dissatisfied with their body, you look straight to the places you hate the most. You probably look only at these places and do so with a critical eye. What […]

Culture Plays a Role

Ever notice how many television ads you see tell you 1) how to lose weight and be happy on this diet or that diet, 2) why you should eat this food because it is healthy and will help you lose weight or lower your cholesterol, 3) that “bad” foods seductively portrayed as delicious, smooth, velvety, […]

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