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Surviving Thanksgiving

I have always affectionately named Thanksgiving as National Overeater’s Day. I consider this affectionate because it seems to be a day that overeating is accepted and even expected. Finally, overeaters get a day all for themselves, without the judgments of being “out of control” or “bad” for eating too much. Overeating is not bad. Everyone […]

The Eating Disorder Whack-a-Mole Game

Let’s face it – sometimes when you’re dealing with an eating disorder, dealing with the behaviors is a lot like trying to smack those moles that pop up in carnival games. *BAM!* Got that one… but there’s another one over there and you can’t quite get him in time. And, while you’re mad at yourself […]

Are You a Control Freak

Many people who suffer with disordered eating also suffer with a fear of being out of control. The two go hand in hand. Dieting and attempting to control your body’s size and shape are all ways to pretend to be in control of something. However, what is so often forgotten is that these attempts are […]

Size is Not the Enemy

A colleague, Tina Gilbertson, and I were talking about the support groups we have been attempting to start. My group is a process group for those struggling with food and body image and Tina is working on a group called “Women of Size,” intended to help women feel good in their bodies, no matter what […]

The Eater’s Agreement

As men and women with food and body image challenges, we may learn to deny several parts of ourselves, including the part that eats. I think this is what diets teach us to do. Therefore, in order to heal your relationship to food and your body, you may need to reclaim your eater. The below […]

Resistance is not just a form of Exercise

Do you enjoy exercising? Do you have a physical activity that you just love and can’t wait to do? Or, do you wish you wanted to exercise – after all it will help you lose weight – but you can’t seem to get yourself to do it? Or, perhaps you yo-yo exercise – you exercise […]

What If It’s Not About Food

I often ask those who I work with: “If it’s not about food, what is it about?” Unless you are eating to fuel your body when you are hungry, you may be using food as a way to cope with your emotions. In other words, it isn’t about food, it is about something else. If […]

Reduce the chance of eating disorders in children

I’m sure many of you could tell me at least one story about your mother, father or siblings doing or saying something that contributed to your poor relationship with food and your body. My mother used to buy food that only she could eat. For example, she bought green, seedless grapes for herself only. My […]

Normal Eating, What is that?

Normal eating is being able to eat when you are hungry and continue eating until you are satisfied. It is being able to choose food you like and eat it and truly get enough of it… not just stopping eating because you think you should. Normal eating is being able to use some moderate constraint […]

Rules of the Dinner Table

I remember when sugar was the worst food you could eat. Then, fat was making all the “bad food” headlines. Now, it seems carbohydrates are the culprit for all the weight gain in the world. Thinking of food as good and bad makes feeling positive about eating difficult; so do other food rules on how […]

Food is Not the Enemy, Shame is the Enemy

I am big on emotions. Sadness, Joy, Anger, Fear, Hurt, Happiness, and Shame are all important to recognize and express. An important part of my job is to help people learn to feel. For those who work with me, they know I talk about feelings a lot. Shame (aka guilt, bad) is the emotion I […]

Why Diets Don’t Work

I love peanut butter. As a kid, I used to eat it out of the jar, spoon first. Although I grew out of the spoon phase, I still love it with bread and honey, with chocolate and in nearly any candy bar. What I never did know about my love for peanut butter, is that […]

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