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As an Activewear designer, I have always been inspired by movement and the beauty of aiding the body in performance.

After battling three years of an eating disorder, fitness became my company. It was a way where I could still be in “control” of my body, in a healthy, balanced way. It also became a mirror to the self-love and confidence that I needed to be just as committed to truly reach recovery, mentally and physically.

I started Em/Body to create a lifestyle that eliminates the intimidation that has masked the fitness industry, providing almost an AA group for fitness. Each week, our community in the Portland area, meets at different coffee shops, to hash out the fitness, nutrition or health myths that may be harming you from starting your self love journey or provide your personal experience to help someone else.

Throughout the week, you can submit topics as well as questions to me anonymously, via my blog, which I will answer at the meet-up. Once a month, the group will also vote on confidence boosting activities to participate in to keep our fearless levels high and the chance to scratch something off your bucket list!

Here you will be given the option of paying an extra five dollars that will go towards the treatment of eating disorder patients who are being refused by health insurance companies, like my eating disorder did back in 2009, causing my parents to pay out of pocket. My end goal is to help with healthy fitness and developing a healthy mindset to change the lives of others in the pursuit of saving a life as well.

Join the body love train! Fit mind, fit body,


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