How to Use Your Journey to Help Others on the Way

Overcoming food addiction and keeping emotional eating in check can be a lifelong struggle, one which many women struggle to get under control. But, if you’ve realized you have a problem, you’ve on the right path. You’ve figured out that nothing happens in isolation. You’ve identified problems in your life that lead you to becoming an emotional eater in the first place, and now you’ve on your way to addressing those issues directly to take back control of your life.

Congratulations! That really is something to take pride in!

But you want to do more, don’t you? You want to use the lessons you’ve learned on your journey to help others who are right where you used to be in the past. That’s incredibly powerful, and your positivity and compassion will certainly inspire many others.

So, how do you get things rolling? How can you use your insights to help others? Here are three powerful ways to connect with others who are on the same path of self-healing and help them turn their lives around.

1. Blog About Your Experiences

Blogging has taken the internet by storm, and there are no signs that it is going away any time soon. In fact, there has never been an easier time for regular people to start up a blog and get their message out to thousands of people worldwide. All it takes is a computer, an internet connection, and the desire to help others.

There are free blogging platforms out there like and Blogger. However, if you can invest just $100 or so per year, then you can actually own your own blog. This is actually the best way to go, since you will have total freedom over the type of content that you want to create and will never have to worry about someone else pulling the plug after all the hard work that you’ve put in. And, when you own your own blog, you can also monetize your content to generate a stream of income that can last for years to come.

The most successful bloggers are those who keep things real, sharing their message in authentic ways and doing it consistently. Don’t worry about your writing chops, about how many visitors you’re getting every day or about what color your subscribe button is. Just get started as soon as possible with a self-hosted blog.

Don’t worry. You will learn and improve as you practice the art of writing. You can make adjustments and learn to customize your blog as you go along, but don’t let so-called “perfectionism” and shiny object syndrome prevent you from launching.

2. Contribute to Conversations on Social Media

Tons of women who struggle with emotional eating turn to social media platforms for support, information, inspiration, and friendship. There are many conversations happening right now on the topics of emotional eating, self-medicating, anxiety, depression, self-love, and more. Try searching for some of those topics in hashtag form, and you’re bound to come across thousands of active threads.

There’s your opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s life right there. Reach out and make some new friends. Look for questions that other women are asking in these posts, forums, and comments, and write blog posts that cover those topics in depth. Engage those women right there in conversation and share some of your best tips and tricks.

3. Start a Business to Help Others

Another way you can channel your journey to help others is to start a business. For example, you could start a supplement company to help people get the nutrition they need to care for their body’s needs. This may take some more work than other options (such as learning about contract manufacturing and other unknown subjects), but if it’s your passion, why not use it?

Do you think that leaders of big companies in this space have some ancient secrets or magical abilities that you just don’t possess? Here’s the real secret, as coined so well by public speaker Brian Tracy in his book about self-made millionaires:

“Nobody is better than you, and nobody is smarter than you.”

Isn’t that something to think about? We put others on pedestals and tell ourselves that we could never achieve what they achieve. But, the reality is that anyone can do amazing things and build amazing, successful companies if they simply do the work.

So, do the work. Do your research. Connect with entrepreneurs, learn from them and start taking steps to start a business of your own that could potentially impact thousands of people. With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you might even be able to start a business on a shoestring budget and scale it up as you go.


You’ve come a long way and achieved many goals in your journey to attain balance and healing in your life. You’ve learned so many powerful lessons to help you create a healthy relationship with food, so now it’s time to share what you’ve learned.

Try out one or all of these three ideas to take your knowledge of healthy living and your passion for helping others, and use them to transform the lives of other women who struggle with eating disorders just like you did.


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