Honor YOU and International No Diet Day – May 6, 2014

Welcome to the No-Diet Boat!

Meet some of the members of the boat with the “Lose the Diet, Gain Yourself” Telesummit Recordings: Get the support you need to be on this boat for good – begin today on International No Diet Day!

In January of 2013, I presented the “Lose the Diet, Gain Yourself” Telesummit, which had 11 amazing speakers helping you end the cycle of dieting and bingeing! Click here to read about the speakers and their topic!

You will gain so much from these talks! Download them and listen in the car, while milling about the house, or while relaxing. I promise you will be inspired to join the thousands of other men and women who are giving up the fashion and diet industries ideals that leave you feeling bad about yourself.

So today, on International No Diet Day, take a stand and stop dieting! Do it today and for the rest of your life!

More and more often I meet women who tell me how great it was to stop dieting. They tell me about the painful moments that led up to this final switch. They also rave about how their weight stabilized because they are no longer working against their body and living in starvation (i.e. diet) mode.

You can have that too!

The Lose the Diet, Gain Yourself Telesummit Speakers will help you live a life finally free from feeling out of control with food! Pull these recordings out today and any day you need hope, inspiration, and connection with others. Changing your behaviors and feelings toward food and your weight can be challenging. Get help and support from your new library of recordings.

For today only, you can have these recordings for only $19!

I want you to get the support you need and therefore, I don’t want money to get in your way!

So take care of yourself, be inspired, find a community of like-minded-non-dieters, and stop the crazy roller coaster that dieting traps you in!

Only $19 for all 11 Lose the Diet, Gain Yourself Telesummit Recordings:


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