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Being the oldest European settlement in the country, Vancouver has a long and glowing list of famous people. Selecting a few names from that list for a brief article is insurmountably hard. What one can do is select a few notable individuals from the areas of commerce, military, arts, and politicians to represent the diverse achievements of various individuals who called Vancouver home.

Here are a few notable names from Vancouver who represent the spirit of Vancouver.

Captain George Vancouver
A man who gave his name to the city should always appear in a list of some of its most notable residents. Captain George Vancouver, a British-born navy officer, successfully led his voyage to the shores of Vancouver during his 1791 expedition. The brave Captain also made land in several other places which also bear his name – the Vancouver Island, and the Canadian city of Vancouver. If it wasn’t for his adventurous spirit and bravely in the face of the unknown, Vancouver City would never have gained its esteemed history in the United States.

Mark Bitnner
Mark Bitnner, born in Vancouver in 1951, is the author of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, a sensational book that would later inspire a documentary of the same name. The author got his inspiration from a flock of parrots in the Telegraph Hill area. His love for the animals developed saw him persuade the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass a bill prohibiting humans from feeding the wild birds in parks.

Greg Biffle
The legendary NASCAR driver, Greg Biffle was born and raised in Vancouver in 1969. During his racing career, Biffle racked up numerous wins for his team in a career spanning over 26 years. He finished first in the NASCAR Xfinity Series in 2002 and held second place in the 2005 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Other commendable stats in Biffle’s racing career include more than 150 top ten finishes in almost every NASCAR Xfinity and Monster Energy Series, at least 10 pole starts in every Series, and more than 15 wins in every Series. Very few drivers can match these stats.

Chuch Palahniuk
The writer of a critically-acclaimed movie, Fight Club, lives in a compound outside Vancouver. Chuck Palahniuk lives with his partner in what he describes as a former church compound in Vancouver, Washington, so if you ever decided to meet a living legend, drive up to Vancouver today. He might even give you an autograph.

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