Bailey Benn, BA

Student Intern – Portland / Vancouver

Bailey is a graduate student intern working towards her Master of Arts in professional mental health counseling and a certificate in the treatment of eating disorders from Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling. She completed her practicum at the Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and health & human physiology from the University of Iowa. 
Bailey is passionate about helping people cultivate affirming relationships with food and their bodies. She believes that our relationships with our bodies are intimate and life long, and that we each have a unique relationship with our body that is worth investing in. As a new professional, Bailey is exploring her counseling theoretical orientation, with an inclination toward psychodynamic approaches with aspects from Gestalt and narrative therapy. Bailey also enjoys using creative interventions. Her work is informed by the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES).  
Bailey is a Midwestern transplant, coming to the Pacific Northwest from Iowa. She loves the ocean and mountain views – a dramatic change from a life of cornfields and cows. In her free time, she and her black cat love to cozy up with a movie or book, preferably historical drama or fantasy.
Bailey Benn

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