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While most people think of ski slopes and rainy weather of the Canadian tourist destination whenever they hear of Vancouver, there is a lesser well-known Vancouver in Washington State. And like its Canadian namesake, it comes with a host of attractions and things to do that are sure to keep anyone entertained during their stay in Vancouver City.

Vancouver is not one of those destinations everyone flocks to. The city is still a hidden gem, which means you can get everything you want without being overrun by swaths of tourists. Here are some of the few things every visitor to Vancouver needs to check out.

Visit the Esther Short Park
The oldest public square in the entire state of Washington stands in the Esther Short Park in Vancouver. The history of this green space goes back to 1853 when the 69-foot Salmon Run Bell Tower used to chime every 15 minutes. The 35 cast bronze bells must have struck quite the image back then.

Today, Esther Short Park is bordered by several hotels within a walking distance, and there’s even a farmer’s market where you can get some tasty, fresh, and homegrown food on the right day.

Fort Vancouver
If you’re a history buff, Fort Vancouver is a must visit site. The National Historic Site is one of the first transpolar flight pass-by. It also played part in several wars including the War of 1812 between the American Pacific Company and the Canadian North West Company. For $5, you can tour the entire fort and see some of its historic pieces.

Officer’s Row
Vancouver is home to 22 fully restored 1800s houses that were built for the U.S Army officers. These houses are part of the National Historic Register, and while some of them are private residences, some are open for visitors. The most famous of these homes is the Ulysses S. Grant House, which also happens to be the oldest of the 22 houses.

Silver Star Mountain
The extinct volcano has some of the best hiking trails and scenery in the entire Washington State. The Silver Star Mountain is only a few minutes out of Vancouver City. Getting to the north peak of the mountain, you get to see the entire of Vancouver, Portland, Mt. Saint Helens, and Mt. Rainer. The breathtaking view from Silver Star Mountain cannot be matched, and what’s more, there’s no traffic on your way to the lookout point.

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