Meghan Campbell

Meghan a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II. She received her MS Ed., in Community Counseling from Portland State University in 2006.  She has worked in the addictions and mental health field for 8 years.  During that time, she was a 4-year member of the Mid Valley Behavioral Care Networks Eating Disorder Consultation group and was also the designated Eating Disorder therapist in an outpatient Dual Diagnosis Program.  Meghan has both a professional and personal understanding of disordered eating.

Meghan’s intention as your counselor is to provide a compassionate non-judgmental space that honors your personal experience.  In that space she will support you to discover and take steps towards change that is meaningful to you.

Meghan knows that people are resilient and will help you tap into that part of yourself. Unhealthy relationships with food and body image are complex, but not unsolvable.  She views disordered eating and other unhealthy behaviors as ways of coping that eventually stop working and may become harmful; there are healthier more satisfying ways of being.  Resolving underlying emotional challenges can break these hurtful patterns, resulting in less emotional pain and increasing your overall life satisfaction.  Counseling can help facilitate this change.

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These are the steps we will take that will help you finally make peace with food:

Step 1: Shameless Eating

This first step will derail your drive to binge eat. You will end the cycle of viewing food as good or bad that translates into good me / bad me. You will learn to change your mindset around food, begin to let go of criticism, and change your interaction with food. You will take the first steps to greater self-trust with the foods you eat and with yourself.

Step 2: Crack the Portion Control Code

In this step, you will learn how to connect to your body’s cues of hunger and fullness. You will gain trust with how to feed your body what and how much it wants. We will resolve the underlying emotional issues that keep you stuck in fear of hunger or fullness.

Step 3: If Your Hunger Could Talk: Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom 

During this step, which takes place throughout our work together, we will go deeper into your body to discover what you actually want and need. Listen to what you are hungry for and feed yourself what will lead to true fulfillment and joy.

Step 4: Enjoy a Body Love Fest

In this step you will directly address your body image. You will learn to experience feeling good in the clothes you wear and living in your body now, rather than in some future time while your life passes by. Through exercises and techniques, you will experience your body from new perspectives while letting go of societal misconceptions that hold you back.

Step 5: Exercise for Pleasure

In this step you will learn how to engage in healthy exercise habits. Whether you exercise too much or avoid exercise, you will take the steps to enjoy moving your body while still listening to what it needs.

Step 6: Move into Your Life with Self-Trust, Self-Love and Acceptance

In this last step, you will learn how to have a long term relationship of self-trust, self-love and self-acceptance. We will create structured, healthy boundaries around food and body image that allow you to enjoy your life more fully while honoring your relationship with food to help you identify areas of growth and improvement.

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