Indoor Activities to Entertain Your Kids During Bad Weather

Indoor Activities to Entertain Your Kids During Bad Weather

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With the winter season fast approaching, parents are once again looking for ways to keep their little ones active and entertained during the dark, wet days ahead. Kids seem to have boundless energy and being stuck inside for days on end can quickly leave them feeling restless. As a parent, your goal is to channel that energy towards creative games, healthy indoor exercise, and learning activities. Here are some great ways to combat cabin fever and keep everyone happy when the weather turns bleak!

Disguised Learning Activities

Indoor activities can be excellent learning opportunities for your kids, and they don’t even have to know it! Learning at home doesn’t have to feel like a lesson at school. If you want to keep up your kid’s education at home, try some activities that disguise learning as play. recommends a variety of fun science experiments you and your kids can do in the kitchen. For example, try making homemade soap, creating ice cream in a bag, or mixing food coloring to create different colors of icing. You could even use a trip to the grocery store as a sneaky educational opportunity, encouraging your children to count the items in your cart or tally up your total bill before you reach the checkout.

Unique Hobbies

Kids can enjoy many rewarding benefits from hobbies. Besides serving as an engaging pastime, hobbies stimulate the mind, boost self-esteem, and encourage critical thinking. If your kids are having a hard time finding hobbies that they feel passionate about, give them some unique suggestions.

For example, photography can be a lot of fun for kids! Pick up a new camera for your child and encourage them to express their creativity in pictures. Look for cameras designed for kids, like the Vtech Kidizoom Duo that includes software for creating simple photo effects and collages.

Indoor Exercise Ideas

It can be hard for kids to burn off all their energy when they can’t go outside and run freely, but there are several ways to help them get the exercise they need indoors. Children’s Health suggests indoor exercise activities like dancing to music, jumping rope, jumping jacks, and streaming kid-friendly workout videos online. During the winter, encourage your kids to set exercise goals that will get them moving every day, like training for a 5k race in the spring.

Family Fun

When your family is looking to fill an empty evening or weekend at home, look for activities you can all do together. Break out the board games, enjoy a movie night, have a picnic on the living room floor, or ask your kids to teach you how to play their favorite video games. Spending time together as a family will help you build stronger relationships, boost your children’s confidence, and even improve your kids’ academic performance!

Bundle Up and Go Outside!

Why let a little bad weather stop your family from enjoying the great outdoors? When properly prepared, you can have a lot of fun in the rain, wind, and snow. You shouldn’t have a hard time getting your kids out in the snow, but it can be tough to convince them to go outside during other types of winter weather. On a rainy day, you and your kids could play in puddles, make mud pies, float toy boats down streams of running water, or build a rain gauge to measure the downpour. Windy days are perfect for flying kites, dancing with swirling autumn leaves, cloud watching, and blowing bubbles. Use your imagination and find new ways to get your kids excited about exploring the outdoors in inclement weather!

Kids have wild imaginations and they can often play for hours on end with little direction. But during the long winter months ahead, they may need a little help finding ways to keep busy indoors. Break out the science experiments, start a family-friendly exercise routine, or bundle up and venture outside. You’re bound to have some fun yourself!

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