Fat Clothes

I was listening to the radio one day and caught the beginning of a commercial talking about again having to wear his “fat clothes.” He then said glumly “does this sound familiar?” I imagined that it did sound familiar to many people listening and that “fat clothes” is a term many use.

Well, my first thought was to be struck by the humor of naming your clothes. Many would think it strange to name your clothes George or Susan, however, naming your clothes fat or skinny has become okay and even common. I joked with myself, “but, clothes are not the enemy” just as I say that food is not the enemy.

I’ll bet that most of you have different sizes of clothes in your closet and perhaps you even call them your “fat clothes” and your “skinny clothes.” You may feel good when your skinny clothes fit and bad, like the man claimed to be on the commercial, when you need to wear your fat clothes.

The notion of good or bad food and good or bad clothes will keep you stuck in the binge/purge cycle. It will keep you hating yourself and your body. It will keep your disordered eating fueled.

I suggest that you get rid of clothes that don’t fit you! Keeping them around just keeps you believing that you aren’t good enough. Wearing them is a constant reminder that you are “fat.” After all, anyone who is wearing something that is too small is going to feel the clothes press into their body, creating a feeling of bulging out… a perfect target of shame for someone with body image issues.

Instead, work on accepting your body, and yourself, just as it is.

Purchase clothes that you feel great in because they fit and because they look great on you. I promise you will find some! Bring a friend that you trust to be honest with you. Allow her or him to give you feedback and learn to trust them. However, trust yourself first! If you don’t like what you are wearing, don’t buy it.

When you put on clothes that you love, you will feel great no matter what your size!


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