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Emily’s Story

This month’s Food Is Not The Enemy Newsletter has a special treat enclosed. Emily’s story. Emily is in the process of understanding her eating disorder. She has recognized that it isn’t about food, and is currently wrestling with the underlying issues. In her story, she talks about her struggles with her body image and learning […]

Fat Clothes

I was listening to the radio one day and caught the beginning of a commercial talking about again having to wear his “fat clothes.” He then said glumly “does this sound familiar?” I imagined that it did sound familiar to many people listening and that “fat clothes” is a term many use. Well, my first […]

Are You a Control Freak

Many people who suffer with disordered eating also suffer with a fear of being out of control. The two go hand in hand. Dieting and attempting to control your body’s size and shape are all ways to pretend to be in control of something. However, what is so often forgotten is that these attempts are […]

When comments about your body trigger you

Living in a weight obsessed society is no picnic. You don’t need to have an eating disorder to feel the effects of it. It is very difficult to escape talk about dieting and weight, even if you don’t participate. It is familiar and common to talk about “my big butt” or to hear others chat […]

If You are Going to Eat It, Enjoy It

If you are a compulsive overeater, you may tend to shovel food down without even tasting it. Have you ever eaten an entire meal and still felt hungry afterwards? This is because you didn’t eat what you really wanted or didn’t take the time to taste what you ate. How often do you read, watch […]

Understanding Your Family

As the holidays approach, you may feel excited and/or anxious about seeing your family. Or, perhaps you avoid your family and feel relief at not spending time with them. Family holds a certain space in our lives. Whether you talk to your family members every day or not at all, family has a way of […]

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