Bayley Johnson

Bayley, who enjoys the sun, concerts and ballet, utilizes a client-centered approach in therapy. She was classically trained in ballet for over 10 years and studied Dance as a Healing Art in college. “I have developed my own movement therapy curriculum at my outpatient clinic for adults and teens. Movement therapy is especially helpful in the treatment of eating disorders. Sometimes it is better to express feelings in ways other than words!”

Bayley holds an MA in counseling from Multnomah University. After graduation, Bayley worked for The Eating Recovery Center of Washington in Seattle, as a clinician at Community Medical Services (methadone clinic) in Mesa, Arizona, and then as a Patient Care Manager at Aurora Behavioral Health in Tempe, Arizona.

She is back in the Pacific Northwest, currently working at Columbia River Mental Health in the Adult Outpatient Program and with Food is Not the Enemy. She is ready to support you in having a healthy relationship with food and your body!

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New Class ~ The Movement of Emotional Eating

The Movement of Emotional Eating

A Low-Cost Workshop to help you understand the relationship between what you eat and how you feel.

Are you tired of repeating the endless cycle of using food to soothe your emotions? Do you want to experience freedom from emotional eating and gain understanding for the reasons behind your food choices?

If so, this workshop is for you!

–  2 to 4 pm

–  Saturday, October 20th, 2018

–  Food is Not the Enemy Counseling
     400 E. Evergreen Blvd., Suite 309 Vancouver, Washington 98660

Cost: $10

Join us for a low-cost 2-hour workshop for anyone wanting help to gain self-awareness between your relationship to food and the emotions you are experiencing.

No matter where you are in the daily struggle to find peace with your relationship to food, at this workshop you will:

  • Gain understanding of how your relationship with food mirrors other areas of your life and how you feel about yourself.
  • Be able to identify the effects of body image/food issues on your relationships with yourself and others
  • Gain an understanding of underlying issues related to body image/food issues
  • Meet others fighting the same battles; realizing and getting that you are not alone.

And it’s only $5! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by joining us for a wonderful opportunity to connect, grow, and find self-love within.

The workshop will be led by Bayley Johnson, a mental health therapist who has also shared in the struggle to understand the relationship that food and emotions serve in the image of self worth.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

What’s on Your Plate? – 2 – 4 pm. Low-cost ($10) workshop for anyone struggling with food and body image. Gain understanding toward healing your relationship with food and emotions. You are not alone. Meet others who feel as you do. Vancouver, WA, More information at email

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These are the steps we will take that will help you finally make peace with food:

Step 1: Shameless Eating

This first step will derail your drive to binge eat. You will end the cycle of viewing food as good or bad that translates into good me / bad me. You will learn to change your mindset around food, begin to let go of criticism, and change your interaction with food. You will take the first steps to greater self-trust with the foods you eat and with yourself.

Step 2: Crack the Portion Control Code

In this step, you will learn how to connect to your body’s cues of hunger and fullness. You will gain trust with how to feed your body what and how much it wants. We will resolve the underlying emotional issues that keep you stuck in fear of hunger or fullness.

Step 3: If Your Hunger Could Talk: Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom 

During this step, which takes place throughout our work together, we will go deeper into your body to discover what you actually want and need. Listen to what you are hungry for and feed yourself what will lead to true fulfillment and joy.

Step 4: Enjoy a Body Love Fest

In this step you will directly address your body image. You will learn to experience feeling good in the clothes you wear and living in your body now, rather than in some future time while your life passes by. Through exercises and techniques, you will experience your body from new perspectives while letting go of societal misconceptions that hold you back.

Step 5: Exercise for Pleasure

In this step you will learn how to engage in healthy exercise habits. Whether you exercise too much or avoid exercise, you will take the steps to enjoy moving your body while still listening to what it needs.

Step 6: Move into Your Life with Self-Trust, Self-Love and Acceptance

In this last step, you will learn how to have a long term relationship of self-trust, self-love and self-acceptance. We will create structured, healthy boundaries around food and body image that allow you to enjoy your life more fully while honoring your relationship with food to help you identify areas of growth and improvement.

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