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Vancouver Eating Disorders Group Practice

Join like-minded clinicians helping prevent and treat disordered eating and body image in Vancouver, WA.

Are you interested in being a part of a collaborative group practice, rather than on your own in a solo practice?

Do you want to make a bigger difference and have a wider reach?

Are you interested in Health at Every Size™ and Social Justice to combat body shame?

Food Is Not The Enemy ~ Anne Cuthbert MA, LPC, LMHC ~ Serving the Greater Pacific Northwest & Vancouver, Wa since 2001

If you are saying yes, then you may be a good fit to join the Food is Not the Enemy team! We will begin with therapists (of different levels of experience and training in eating disorders… a desire to learn is all that’s needed). Soon we will add Dietitians, Naturopathic Doctors, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, and others who practice from a Health at Every Size framework. Training’s and collaboration will be built into the team model.

We will be available to treat those who need support and healing. We will also reach out to the community with tools of prevention and resources. We will serve those in any economic range. We will be the number one resource for disordered eating treatment in Vancouver.

My name is Anne Cuthbert and I started my solo practice, Food is Not the Enemy, 12 years ago when I first moved to Portland, OR. My business in Portland is now thriving. I want to be more effective and help more people with these issues.  I also noticed that Vancouver, just over the bridge from Portland, is in great need of clinicians working with these challenges…challenges that many living in this culture face!

I am on a mission to support Vancouver with greater awareness, prevention, resources and services for any community member ready for support with their body image and/or disordered eating. I can’t do it alone and neither can you! Let’s work together.

At this point, the group practice model for Food is Not the Enemy is in it’s infancy. Together we can help it grow.

Please contact me at or 503.766.3399 in you are interested. Together we can find out if you are a good fit to join this ambitious group practice and make a big difference to the community of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR (and perhaps beyond).

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