Introducing: Food Freedom!

A 12 Week
Highly Effective Program:
Gain Control of Your Eating and Enjoy Your Body for Good

I’ll tell you the secret to releasing your feelings of stress, shame, and hopelessness around food, how to gain control and stop eating anytime you want, and enjoy food. It’s easier than you think, and here’s why this is different…

From: Anne Cuthbert
Your Food Freedom! Counselor

Dear: Women who want to liberate themselves from a yo-yo diet and food-focused life,

Is this you?


  • promise yourself that you’ll never binge again just to find yourself back in the kitchen later that day standing in front of the fridge again looking for the next wonderfully satisfying dish
  • swear off chocolate, your favorite food, and ban it from your home just to find yourself chowing down on it at your friend’s house
  • blame your friend, “darn her for having chocolate on the table,” tempting your willpower
  • deprive yourself over and over again and wonder why you are the only one not strong enough to sustain it
  • eat in secret or pretend to know what to eat in front of others. In reality, you are always looking to others to tell you what and how much to eat.
  • know you eat for emotional reasons but hide this from your friends and even from yourself.

If you have any of these challenges with food, I will help you completely change your relationship with food.

The secret to resolving all of your food challenges is to let go of those diets that don’t work and never will!

Lots of people are doing the diet thing, trying to get the weight under control so they feel good about themselves. Like 98% of people, over and over again, you find they don’t work! Well, it isn’t you that failed the diet!

You probably know that Restrictive Dieting + Emotional Eating = A Never Ending Self-Critical Cycle of Feeling Out of Control with Food

Diets don’t address the underlying emotional patterns that have created the eating issues in the first place. What leads to a life-long healthy relationship with food is when you do these 3 things simultaneously:

  • Tackle your food challenges
  • Address your body image
  • Shift those emotional patterns

It’s then that your life will never be the same!

  • Eat when you’re hungry and stop before you get full
  • Never again worry about gaining weight
  • Enjoy time with friends and family without hiding!
  • Take great care of yourself, always
  • Approach food as nourishment and fuel for your body

This is truly possible. 

Discover my program
“Food Freedom!: an highly effective program for gaining control of your eating, and regaining the joy and pleasure of food!”

It’s different then anything you’ve tried before because it will help with the root problems and the issues you have with food.

My NEWEST version of my groundbreaking course that will help you manage your emotions and help you stop binge eating at the same time. You have been surviving, barely, with deprivation and binging for far too long. Are you finally ready for a new way of living with food that actually works?

It’s time for a new way to do this; a way that helps you feel great about yourself!!! This program works!

Food Freedom! is a group coaching program where we meet every week for 12 weeks on the phone. I’ll be on the phone with you live, giving you homework and answering your questions, so that each week you’ll be making progress toward your goals.

Here’s some of the results you’ll get:

  • Learn to recognize and prevent yourself from those old ways of stuffing your feelings and yourself down
  • Know what’s right for you and your body and let everyone else play the “I should eat this tasteless food” game
  • Keep all your favorite foods in the house for weeks and months (and, yes, years) and not worry one bit about pigging out on them
  • Go out with friends and enjoy your first-choice tasty dish and pay attention to the conversation…at the same time
  • You’ll be able to trust yourself again, with food and with everything
  • Be more authentically you and let your inner light shine!

Past members have decreased emotional eating, stopped the cycle of binging, learned to listen to and trust themselves, AND started accepting and loving their bodies!

Many have taken this program and achieved results they never thought they could reach. This class was created to support you in achieving your best intentions for your body/mind/spirit goals! In this class you will find new and powerful techniques, guidelines around how to approach food, and an interactive sharing forum to provide you with the easiest way to share your experience, receiving support and staying out of the problem and in the solution.

For the first time, I’m offering an extra benefit. You get a mentor to support you through the program! Imagine how much progress you can make when someone who has taken the program before you is there to help! Ask questions, get support, and check-in with your mentor throughout the program so you can fully step into the healing this program has to offer!

In this course:

  • We will work in one-at-a-time segments that help you stay in the moment and on track. I know you love to have goals that are accomplishable. This program has that.
  • This is not a one-size-fits-all program. It’s not about having more rules to follow. Instead, you will gain tools and receive help that you incorporate into your own unique path. This is a journey of rediscovering trust in yourself; something dieting has taken away from you.
  • Using a step-by-step approach, you will learn how to separate your feelings from eating, so food becomes fuel for your body and feelings are given the love and attention they need. You will gain the tools you need to help you accomplish this. Once you do, you have the true secret to finding the happiness you seek.

This is for you if:

  • You have been on every diet under the sun and are tired of thinking of yourself as the failure. Instead, you’re ready to put the blame where it belongs – on the diet – and gain your life back!
  • You’re tired of helping the diet industry get rich and are ready to undo the damage caused to yourself by all that dieting. You want to have more to talk about and think about in your life than what you’re going to eat, when you’ll eat, and how much you’ll eat.
  • You want to let go of self-punishing thoughts and behaviors around food and how you treat yourself. Putting yourself first and nurturing yourself is so much more loving, healing, and fruitful (for you and everyone in your life)!
  • You want to accept and even love your body, even if you aren’t totally sure it’s possible.
  • You know you eat emotionally and are ready to give your emotions what they really need, for an all around healthier you.
  • You want to feel free to eat what you want and need, feel healthy inside and out, and have right-for-you guidelines around food that help you feel Food Freedom!

Here are the 5 Modules of this course:

Module 1: Take the Shame Out of Eating and Put an End to Binging

Ever felt like a failure for binging after weeks of successful restricting? Ever blamed yourself that you couldn’t stay on that diet that promised you successful weight loss and a happy life, forever?

Well, it’s not your fault!

Making food good or bad only leaves you thinking you’re good or bad because you want to eat. It’s also the #1 reason you binge. I’ve got news for you: You’re neither good nor bad for desiring anything!

This module will help you end the cycle of viewing food as good or bad that translates into good me / bad me. You will learn to change your mindset around food – to recognize your thoughts around food and to change your interaction with it.

This is the module that will completely change how you interact with food because you will, for the first time, let go of the cycle that always leads you back to the binging. You will also learn what hunger / fullness feels like and be able to address the place of greatest discomfort, whether it is being too hungry or being too full so that you no longer fear it.


Module 2: Learn to Listen to Your Body

What you do with food, you do in the rest of your life. If you don’t trust yourself with food, you don’t trust yourself in other areas of your life. If you don’t listen to your body with food, you don’t listen to yourself in other areas of your life.

You are probably cut off from your body, unable to know how you feel – about just about everything. Learning to get back in touch with yourself, through your body and your hunger, will help you in all areas of your life.

In this module, you will fine tune the messages you send yourself. Go deeper into your body to discover what you actually want and need. Truly listen to what your body is hungry for and give it what it really wants. You will also learn to listen to your emotions and give them what they need and want. What does sadness want? What does fear need? Once you learn the secret to really taking care of your emotions, your need for emotional eating will disappear!


Module 3: Start Living in Your Body Now

The truth about body image is that it’s the yo-yo weight cycling that leads you to hate your body. Taking all the steps in the first two modules will help you start to make friends with your body.

Once you’re caught in the cycle, however, looking in the mirror with disdain toward what you see will trigger that desire to restrict again. It’s time to see your reflection for what it truly is, in all it’s glory.

During this module, you will directly address your body image. What is the relationship you have with yourself? You will learn to experience feeling good in the clothes you wear and living in your body now, rather than in some future time while your life passes by. You will go deeper into your body image and learn to love your reflection. You will use exercises and techniques to help you experience your body from new perspectives.


Module 4: Happy and Healthy Exercise

It isn’t weight loss that leads to health. Dieting is actually a health risk and eventually leads to putting the pounds back on – something very stressful for your body. Studies show that it’s exercise that leads to a healthy and happy body!

In this module, you will learn how to engage in healthy exercise habits. The key is to find the exercise that you love to do and that feels good to your body.

Does the thought of exercising send shivers of shame down your body or do you know you over-do it sometimes? Don’t worry. I can tell you how to address each of these. Whether you exercise too much or avoid exercise, you will take the steps to enjoy moving your body while still listening to what it needs.


Module 5: Move into Your Life with Self-Love, Self-Trust, and Acceptance

This is all so much more than about food. It’s really about you living your life fully because you truly feel good about yourself from the inside out!

When you let go of the struggle with food by learning to love yourself, you will experience a whole new meaning of the word freedom!

In this last module, you will learn how to have a long term relationship of self trust, self love and self acceptance. We will create structured, healthy boundaries around food and body image that allow you to enjoy your life more fully while honoring your relationship with food to help you identify areas of growth and improvement.

Join me for this FABULOUS supportive class

All you have to lose is the shameful cycle of binging and restricting which no longer serves the Authentic You!

What you will receive:

  • 12 live phone teleconference classes (will be available for download within 24 hours)
  • Food Is Not the Enemy Audio Programs that help in a big way
  • Comprehensive handouts available as PDF download
  • Ongoing support from me
  • Sharing Forum
  • A personal mentor who has already gone through the program, there to help you succeed!

Here’s how it works:

  • This is a 12 week program with weekly phone teleconferences that support you in taking the steps that will help you reach your goal of finding freedom with food.
  • Calls will include all the steps you need to take for food freedom as well as topics such as self-criticism, your beliefs, and other barriers to your success.
  • You don’t have to ask questions or even say your name on the phone.
  • You will learn just by listening and from the answers I provide. However, if you are compelled to ask questions or share, I know I can help!
  • If you’re shy like me, we also have an online forum! This is a way for the shy folks to ask questions. It’s also a way to reach out for help during the week. I will answer questions all week long! You get my ongoing help!
  • In addition, you get bonuses! When you participate in the program, you will get my 4 downloadable Food Is Not The Enemy Audio Programs. These programs give you all the elements to healing because this is where I teach you specific tools to feeling your feelings. You get the most important tool and can do it in the safety and privacy of your own home. This is the key to being healthy inside and out! Another bonus is 2 extra months of support with me.
  • And as a special bonus, you’ll be able to take advantage of the help and support from someone who’s done the program already and found the successes you seek!

I’ll be there to help you throughout the program!

Throughout the program, I’ll be there to teach you the steps and to help you!

Each Monday for 3 months, I will be on the calls either sharing the tools and steps in detail with you or directly supporting you in taking the steps. On calls that I talk about a step, I will tell you all about what the step is, how to do it so it works, what will likely challenge you while doing it, and give you support to take it.

If I’m not talking about the step, I’m helping you implement it by answering your questions and telling you how to deal with the underlying emotions that are getting in your way.

If you want to know what these steps are then I have a sampling to give you. Follow this link to download or listen on your computer a pre-recorded teleseminar talk I did. In this talk, I go over all the steps so you will know exactly what this program will cover and what it would be like to listen over the phone.

Only you can make the choice, whether you’re perfectly happy with how things are going for you now, or whether you’re ready for a shift. When you combine the feeling of a safe space, and a group to support you, you experience a whole new meaning of the word healing.

But more than that… when you combine the feeling of using food for fuel with living your life as you want to be, you have an incredible sense of fulfillment. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? It’s about more than food… it’s about the quality of life that you have always wanted.

It is something you have always wanted and I want it for you too! I sincerely hope you get started right away. This world needs you and all that you have to offer it. No longer let a struggle with food hold you back!

I look forward to getting to know you better and to working together.

30 Day “Entree Send Back” Guarantee…

Just as I recommend sending back food that you don’t like (at a restaurant or at home), I want you to be satisfied with this program! If, after you immerse yourself in the program for the first 30 days and find it isn’t as helpful as you hoped. No problem. Just let me know and I will refund your money.

Register here and stop emotional eating today!

Choose one of the following payment options:

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Payment Option 2: 3 Monthly Payments of $225



Don’t spend another day obsessing about food and hating your body…

If you have the desire but are stuck on something, please give me a call or send me an email! I’m glad to explore it with you to help you make sure it’s the right thing for you. Email me at or call me at  (503) 766-3399.






Anne Cuthbert
Food Is Not The Enemy Counseling Services

PS Still have questions? Email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

PPS Close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself six months from now. Are you still exactly where you are now or are you engaging in life and feeling good about your body and food? The choice is yours. Six months from now, you’ll wish you’d started this today. This price offer is only available for a limited time and for a limited number of participants, so be sure to secure your spot today.

This program starts November 18, 2013. I hope you can join us!

About Anne Cuthbert, Leader of the Food Freedom! Program: I know first hand what it is like to deal with food and body issues. For years, I struggled with food issues and hating my body. I compared myself to every woman I saw and resisted exercising refusing to give into what other people told me I should do and how I should look. I ate to hide how I was feeling and to avoid being close to anyone. I thought I couldn’t be loved if I was fat.14 years later, I am pleased to say all that has changed for the better. I no longer use food to cope. I feel good about myself, my body, and my life. I am now passionate about helping others recover as well. I love that my job as a counselor is helping you to eat whatever you want and feel good about it.

My counseling experience spans over 12 years and has included studying and working with experts in the eating disorder field, teaching counseling and communication skills classes, and assisting and managing several personal growth seminars and support groups. I have provided counseling to people with a variety of relationship issues, including adults who were abused as children.